[ROM] GNOME ROM – Xperia Z – 4.3


ROM Specification –

> Android 4.3.1
> Rooted and Deodexed
> Stock ‘Google Play’ Experience
> 4.4 KitKat Theme + Theme Engine
> GNOME Add-ons

Please view 2nd post for more information. Thank you for testing and standing by. Please use my signatures to support me and also hit thanks if you like this ROM

– What is GNOME?

Gnome ROM is a custom ROM built on Android 4.3.1 which includes alot of customization from the Xposed module download center. Each ROM can be made to your own specification and everyone’s ROMS are tailored to suit their own usability.

Instructions –

– Back up current ROM (MUST DO)
– Download ROM and put on SD card, Boot.IMG & SuperSU
– Wipe data factory reset
– Install GNOME ROM, SuperSU & Boot.IMG (In that order)
– Enjoy!

Download –


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As requested from a member and also I really was looking for something like this so I had to make it. This is a MiniTablet ROM so it is running Android 4.1.2 XXDL7 at 160DPI. I am releasing this in my own time so no ETA’s and all because this is a FREE ROM and its my time and effort. Also exams are around the corner so development maybe a little slow. All the things that are not working/not working correctly will be stated in this thread so please don’t repeat it. I’ve been using it as a daily driver with a few tweaks and it works perfectly. Please READ FAQ BEFORE FLASHING
Thank You

ROM Description

Android 4.1.2 XXDL7
Rooted with SuperSU
Tablet UX
Xposed with Multi DPI Support


Xposed Dudes
Anymore I missed PM me



Download Link


By downloading the ROM you are agreeing to my conditions. My conditions are that the ROM is not to be distributed and put on any other site except without permission. If you have been found with this ROM on your site and I haven’t given it permission you will be contacted very quickly and link + further updates will be terminated. So think about others first. If you want to review on website, YouTube or any other form, PM me or visit my website to contact me. I do this for free so I do not expect to be disappointed by others using my work. I don’t want to see it on any website except XDA or ones I’ve given permission.


User Banners


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Motorola UX for LG Nexus 4


ROM banners for my Motorola ROM

ROM Banners

Here is my first ROM for the Nexus 4. I did not know what to do so I made a manufacturer based ROM. In this case is is the Motorola Blur User Interface. I have done many manufacturer based/port ROM’s before so I did what I liked and shared it with the community. This ROM is 100% usable as it has the base of the stock Google Android 4.2.1 ROM but not all of the theming from the MotoBlur UI is there. This is becuase of two reasons; Im a one man band so I have to put in all the PNG’s myself and that takes time & No.2 is that I was being stupid and named the icons differently not the name found in framework res or so where ever it else it was from. Anyhow, more about the ROM

– ROM Specification
– Android 4.2.1
– Rooted with SU
– Deodexed
– Motorola UI
– System theming
– Motorola Applications (Not all)


Download Link – http://d-h.st/TAg

Additional information
Circle Widgets may FC. Making a flash able update and will be fixed on next update.

My next projects will be Xperia UX and ill port TouchWiz like how I did for the LG Optimus 2X.

Stuff for the users

User Banners
Thank You

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