Samsung Galaxy Nexus review

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone review:

Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

Plus: +

  1. –          Big and clear screen
  2. –          Android 4.0 (latest version)
  3. –          Powerful
  4. –          Comfortable

Negative –

  1. –          No external storage
  2. –          5MP camera

The 'Beauty & the Beast' combined

The new Galaxy Nexus handset from Google is probably the most amazing android phone yet! When Google’s mobile phone Operating System (OS) called Android was zooming up the market, HTC first released and introduced the Nexus phone, called the Google HTC Nexus One. Google use their best manufactures to make their Nexus phones, so back then in 2009, it was HTC who were Android’s top boys. Now many companies such as Sony Ericsson, Acer and others cater the Android OS. But lately Samsung are making Android the big money and annihilate they’re main competitor, Apple Inc. This is why the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the top dog of Android devices.


The Galaxy Nexus is an amazing phone and the best on the market. This phones features makes this cell a titan and one hell of a Smartphone. It has a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and a dedicated GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) by PowerVR, so it’s speedy and snappy, and optimised with the latest Android version which is expected for a flagship Google phone. It has other features such as NFC (Near Field Communication) so you can pay at most shops by swiping at the till. Now that’s cool. The cell has a 4.65” screen with 1280×720 pixels and full 1080p HD screen for gaming and multimedia viewing. This phones screen is the best on a mobile or even a tablet, thanks to its SuperAmoled+HD technology which makes the quality amazing and a fantastic experience.


There are two drawbacks from this phone though. Problem one is that it hasn’t got external storage for a SD card. It only comes with either an 8GB/16GB/32GB capacity. This I believe, for most Android users is a letdown, as the apps to SD feature would be useless and also photos cannot be transferred to other devices by swapping the SD. Problem two is its 5MP camera. The latest Android phones and the iPhone 4S feature an 8MP camera. And for the highest Android Device, you kinda expect it to have the best. But no, it has a 5MP camera, which isn’t bad and it still does the full HD camera and video captures, but it would be noticeable from and 8MP camera phone.


Despite these drawbacks, raw power and the huge screen, the phone feels comfortable in your hand as the bezel has been cut down to minimum. The phone has another thing called Contour display. This was first revealed on its predecessor, the Nexus S by Samsung. Contour display is just a curved screen that gives a good feel when you are in a call or the phone is in your pocket. This Contour display gives a comfortable feel when you are using the panoramic feature in the camera or when reviewing multimedia or watching media through YouTube. The phone is made entirely out of plastic, which isn’t the best, but I would count it as a drawback as the phone doesn’t feel cheap. The back of the device has something called HyperSkin™. This in English is an embossed pattern on rubber back plating which makes the phone not slip out of your hands easily as it is quite big. The HyperSkin™ was first shown on the Samsung Galaxy SII and the Nexus just has a tweaked version of it.

As there are two draw backs, this phone is still one of the best as the positives outweigh and compensate for those two problems. I am happy to give this device 4 and ½ stars.


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  1. craig says:

    Quality write up on android phones

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