HTC Sense 4.0 Review

HTC Sense 4.0 Review

HTC are at it again, redesigning the Android operating system to make it look more attractive and useful. The latest version of the HTC sense is 4.0, which comes with useful features and many pretty ones too, such as the 3D like scrolling through home pages, menus, lockscreen wallpapers and the ever so practical lockscreen shortcuts.

HTC sense was first released on the HTC Hero, which was why the Hero won so many awards as it was different and looked good. But now HTC have maxxed out the user interface to such a level, only the high end Android devices can run it at ease. HTC Sense 4.0 is the biggest and most anticipated version. It came with the real weather on your lockscreen and also the fullscreen weather app that everyone admires. They made it more customizable with added widgets and also themes, but have made it less bloated and more lag free.

HTC sense is the prettiest user interface and gives the customer an amazing experience. It is very unique and I cannot wait when it arrives.


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