VegaComb Honeycomb ROM

Android 3.2 Vegacomb ROM Review

Advent, the home brand for the leading UK electronic manufacturer PC world, has entered the rat race of tablet devices. They’re goal was to make a high performance tablet, but with an affordable price. And I believe TeamNewCo have made this come true with the power of an Android 3.2 custom rom called VegaComb.

Standard, the Advent Vega comes with a Android 2.2 operating system, and thanks to some developers from TabletRoms, this high powered device can now join the other tablets such as the Asus Transformer and Galaxy Tab with the latest Android 3.2. So now this tablet is ready to kick some Apple iPad butt!

The rom itself is based on the normal AOSP (android open source project) style, with no UI on top, unlike the Galaxy Tab with TouchWiz or the AsusUI. When I installed VegaComb on my Advent Vega I could only think of two things that the developers had in mind, speed and usability. The rom looks amazing and it meets all the hardware needs of the Advent Vega. Even though Android 3.X was designed for a buttonless use, the extra navigational buttons are supported and still work. The rom itself is speedy and one thing I could not complement enough to the developers was the fixing of the DPI of the screen, to get rid of any drab colours. The rom has absolutely no problems and works like it would outta the box!

I think TeamNewCo with VegaComb have hit a home run with this rom and I anticipate for the release of their Ice Cream Sandwich rom for my now revived Advent Vega.

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