Two New HTC’s News

HTC are catching the new turn of the Android OS with their two most anticipated devices,the HTC Onex and the HTC Ones. Yes, two amazing phones from HTC. The HTC OneS has an 1.5GHz DualCore processor with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It also has a 540×960 pixels in a 4.3” screen. The rest of the specifications are normal ( well, I mean for a high end one anyway ) Such as a 8MP camera with 1080P Video capture capabilities and the standard Beats sound technology that is found on the later HTC handsets. So the Ones is a pretty sweet device but the HTC Onex is the one I’m waiting for. This device is the Ones big brother, featuring a whopping 2.5GHz QuadCore Processor with Nvdia Tegra3. It also has a 720×1280 pixels in a 4.5” screen, giving it a high PPI density of 326. The rest of the specifications are more or less the same expected ones such as the camera and others. This smartphone has been upgraded to the next level of superphones. These two devices are featuring HTC Sense 4.0 aswell, which looks pretty and unbelievably great.

The content from this article are based from other news findings and rumours. The end product by HTC may vary


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