HTC sensation

HTC Sensation Review

The HTC Sensation is the best HTC phone you can get at the moment. The Sensation is HTC’s flagship device, which has the latest technology for a smartphone.

Yes the 8MP camera and the dual LED flash are amazing, so is the build of the device. A unique design with the standard premium finishes of all HTC’s, the metal with rubber plating which finishes off the exclusive look. But it’s not just all about the look o f the phone. The screen quality is a major part. The Sensation has an eye-popping 540×960 pixel 4.3” screen with S-LCD technology giving it a pixel density of 256, which is far superior that say the Samsung Galaxy SII. This display gives amazingly sharp images and no blur or saturation of an image is found.

So all may be good for the Sensation, but HTC have managed to do it again. They’ve made the phone have such good features like we’ve talked about, but this device still has a lot of lag, and it’s fairly noticeable. The problem is not of the processor not being powerful. The processor is a whopping 1.2 GHz Dual Core. The problem is HTC sense itself. Oh no I hear you say! The pretty UI with amazing weather updates and cool animations with the widgets. Yes HTC sense is the killer. Scrolling through homescreens lag up the device so much that Rosie ( the HTC launcher name ) has to restart itself and the problem remains. My only suggestion to fix this problem was to root the device and put on a custom rom from XDA. HTC sense is pretty but is a problem causer for these phones. I await HTC sense 4.0 with Android 4.0.4 on my  Sensation to see if they have fixed this problem.

All in all, The HTC Sensation is a good device with an amazing camera and screen which is good for multimedia and the design is flawless. The UI is bad and if you were to buy this device, or already have it, root it and put on a custom rom is the answer.

Good in features, laggy UI. Typical HTC


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One Response to HTC sensation

  1. vamsi kumar says:

    how to install htc sense 4.0 to my htc sensation xe??? plz help me

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