Samsung Galaxy Note Review

Galaxy Note Review

Explore the biggest Galaxy

Rating: 4 out of 5

Plus +

  1. Clear screen
  2. Powerful
  3. Good media capabilities
  4. S-Pen

Negative –

  1. Big
  2. Plasticky feel
  3. Poor battery life

Phone or Tablet? The catch phrase used by Samsung to release their new phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note. The Note is the biggest handset made is the flagship Galaxy phone for Samsung. The specifications of this phone are good but the features are mildly okay.

The Note is a decent phone and suits the needs well for the business type of person or an artist. The big screen is great for editing photos with the inbuilt editor app from Samsung and it’s very efficient for writing, receiving and viewing emails comfortably. The phone features a dual core 1.4GHz Cortex A9 processor and a dedicated GPU, so this phone is sure not slow.

The Galaxy Note is more covered on the media side of things. The big 5.3” screen producing a 285 pixel density is very good for a large screen. The screen has an amazing colour correction and the images are very detailed, thanks to the Super AMOLED display. The camera is a good 8MP, but expected at today’s standards. The phones multimedia reviewing is the best part of it. The 1080P full HD video playback with no choppiness or lag is great, and I was very happy with this result.

So a great phone and great multimedia capabilities doesn’t end there. The main attraction of the Note is the S-Pen stylus. Stylus’s are outdated and old and were only useful for a resistive touch screen phone, but Samsung are reviving the past with the S-Pen. The S-Pen is amazing for editing photos, writing and also the shortcuts that it offers from the button on the pen. I really liked the pen and hope Samsung use this feature on more devices.

All is well for the Note, but I’m afraid the praise and glory must end here. I had quite a few problems with the Note. First off, the phone is a looker. Many people look at you thinking, “why is that person holding a brick”, and I’m sad to say this great phone looks like a brick. So a phone that is bricky is a no go for me. The Galaxy Note has a cheap plastic back to it. Unlike the Galaxy Nexus, the Note has cheap and flimsy version of the HyperSkin backing from the Nexus.

So if you were to use this phone as a tablet, there is also a problem there, the battery life. The battery life of this phone is poor. It cannot facilitate the sheer power, the large screen and phone connectivity’s all in one go. I barely get a day out of it as a mild user, so for you heavy users, i would not get this phone.

So the Galaxy Note is a excellent phone for media, with the S-Pen and amazing screen quality. But it attracts a lot of attention when used in public. After using it for a while, it turns to a charging paper weight. So to answer Samsungs question, Phone or Tablet? I would say neither, this Note doesn’t do either. If I were to get a phone like this, I would go for the LG Optimus Vu, A slightly smaller screen and slightly lower resolution may cure the bi polar Samsung device.


Phone or Tablet?


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