HTC One X Review

So the era of quad core phones have dawned upon us. HTC taking the first plunge into the market with releasing a quad core phone. When I first heard about the One X I had many questions. Is the battery life bad? Can you see the difference in speed? Does it overheat? So this is why I am reviewing this handset to answer your questions.

Firstly I will start with the exterior of the device. The HTC One X has a pleasant feel as it is made out of poly-tetra-fluoroe-thylene (long crazy word) which makes the phone feel very sturdy. The HTC One X has three capacitive touch keys which are very responsive, but I preferred the onscreen controls like the Nexus as this phone is bigger than the Nexus but the screen size is the same size-ish. The HTC One X has an 8MP camera at the back which has smile detection and more. It can also take pictures and videos together and also has an instant shutter speed to catch the moment very quickly. This is all very good and the phone is well equipped.

Now for the main part, Hardware. This is what the HTC One X is most famously known for. A Quad Core 1.5Ghz Nvdia Tegra 3 with a ULP geForce GPU. So this phone is not slow. It is like a phone version of Usain Bolt, a phone version of the Veyron. It is very fast and I’m happy to report that this phone does not overheat with this chip and is very snappy from start up. The benchmark score for the One X on mine was 11022 which are certainly higher to say the Evo3D which is 4815.

The screen is super clear thanks to the 720×1280 pixel 4.7” screen which produces a 312 pixel density. The screen is the same as the Galaxy Nexus but produces a little smaller DPI as is it 0.5 inches bigger than the Nexus.

The internal memory of the One X is 32GB (26GB user space) but lacks SD card support. HTC addressed this problem with adding cloud features to it such as a bigger Dropbox space, SkyDrive and more. So memory is not an issue for the One X.

The One X is very kitted out with features such as the Beats Audio and HTC Sense 4. HTC Sense 4 is the best UI I have ever used. It’s fast and intuitive and pretty. Its functionalities are great and very easy to get used to. The weather live updates with animations are pretty as so is the overscrolling effect.

The HTC One X is an amazing handset and is definitely worth getting either for an upgrade or a new smartphone. I like the way HTC have done this phone and really like their new line up of the One Series. I would like to see what Samsung have to offer with the SIII but I am pretty keen it won’t be as great as this phone. We shall wait and see and I will review the SIII and compare with the One X.

Quad Core beast with stunning looks and features


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