Im Back!


TheAndroidCity has been a hit recently and ALOT of views. So I want you guys to just share this blog around so it can become viral ( not that extreme ). I know I have’nt been posting lately, its just that I got to move this blog over to: ( MY OWN WEBSITE ) In return I will start a series called Android4Noobs where you can learn how to do some developing and other Android tweaks and more cool stuff.

Stay tuned



About theandroidcity

Android Developer for many phones
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One Response to Im Back!

  1. androooo says:

    Hi I was watching your video on the I9305 now for some stupid reason australia brought out these phones but it does not have the FMradio application pre installed now why would this be, I can get these phones and the white one is not from australia and it does have he fm application, funny thin is in sammobile there are only 2 firmware, Australia and Germany and it has the same PDA now i believe these 2 PDA dont have the Radio app, I wonder what PDA the white version has got. and why its not on sammbile

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